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Database designer

IT-Enterprise implements an open dictionary system, means of modifying the information base, means of replenishing the dictionary, system, and modification of information databases directly by the user. In addition to the description of the structure, the system dictionary also contains declarative descriptions of the rules for entering and displaying data in tables, references of some tables to others, rules of cascading replacement or deletion of data, and so on.

If you need to add additional functionality, you need to expand the database structure of the ERP-system IT-Enterprise directly by the system administrator. There are two ways to expand the database.

  • Change the structure of the database by the administrator.
  • Arbitrary characteristics (attributes).

When changing the structure of the database directly by the administrator, the administrator can easily add:

  • tables;
  • fields and indexes in existing tables;
  • establish new relationships between any tables;
  • presentation;
  • triggers;
  • saved procedures.

    An alternative way — to expand the structure and functionality of the database is possible by creating any number of additional characteristics (attributes) of the data. Additional characteristics can be created on a row, on a group of rows of a table, on any set of rows of any set of tables. This option is more economical in terms of changing the size of the database when changing its structure.

Additional characteristics meet the following requirements:

  • the number of additional input characteristics is not limited;
  • any type and dimension;
  • for different tables — different characteristics;
  • for different rows of one table — different sets of characteristics;
  • characteristic values ​​— one or more for different periods;
  • assistance in entering values ​​and checking after input;
  • easy use of characteristics in selections and reports.
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