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Display mode designer

In addition to reports design for printing, the user can customize the individual appearance of a tabular or graphical available to him data representation. Specifies the set of columns in the table for the tabular output format and output width. A font, color, background for each column or line can be customized on condition. For a graphical representation, the display pattern is selected (type of chart, indicators, percent of execution). Information is presented as a favorite user for analysis, may be combined graphics and tabular data.

Also available:

  • arbitrary sorting;
  • applied to any column or set of columns;
  • random grouping;
  • along with the detailed rows in the display mode, there will be rows-totals with calculated values of the results;
  • contextual search for information through the entire table or through a given column;
  • you can search not only constants but also to set logical expressions AND/OR/NOT;
  • receiving a "snapshot" of the table - uploading data to Excel, Open Office;
  • automatic selection of column widths;
  • ABC-analysis and XYZ-analysis can be performed on any column with one mouse click.
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