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Autoforming and delivery of reports

IT-Enterprise has flexible capabilities for automatic scheduling of back reports and delivery of reports to recipients in various ways.

Each report that is sent (delivered) is characterized by the form of the report, the parameters of formation, the time of formation (in most cases it is night time), the frequency of formation, and other parameters.

After generating the report can be delivered to the selected group of recipients via one of the channels:

  • in the form of an e-mail;
  • posted on the corporate portal;
  • placed in the specified directory of the company's file server;
  • hosted on the SharePoint server of the enterprise;
  • sent in the form of a message using Windows Messenger, SMS to a mobile phone, etc.

    The system implements a mechanism of mail robot to perform mass mailings. At a given time without human intervention, reports are generated and sent automatically. To ensure the confidentiality of correspondence, the creation of messages in the format of a PGP data block is supported, which provides encryption of messages with the recipient's public key.
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