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Corporate Social Network Hubber

The communicative platform Hubber is used to exchange information between employees of the enterprise operating under the management of the IT-Enterprise ERP system. The main purpose of Hubber, as well as any social network, is to provide effective communication within the company. In general, Hubber is a universal communicative solution of enterprise management in the format of the social network, with online subscribers' information and instant feedback.

Do you, as the unit manager, need to provide instant notification to staff about orders and quickly receive feedback from them? The Hubber application provides the engagement of all employees in the communication process, provides a system for getting instant prompts, orders, and messages regardless of the current location of each employee and how to connect it to the social network. To connect to Hubber you need just access to the Internet. Receive and send messages from any device — Hubber allows message exchange on the basis of stationary systems and on the basis of mobile iOS and Android devices. Traditionally, responding to messages in social networks is faster than e-mail messages, and ease of communication provides the fastest response in the social network to spread messages.

Do you want to always know about important events taking place at the enterprise? Hubber will help you cope with this task. The corporate social network combines into a single communication platform employees of enterprises that are part of a single supply chain (employees, suppliers, dealers, subcontractors, customers). Thus, an extranet is formed — a closed circle of corporate communications, the interaction of which occurs in the usual social format of the social network. An important feature of Hubber is the focus on working in a modern dynamic enterprise environment. So an essential part of the sources of information in the system — not the company staff, but various sensors devices connected to the ERP system via the IIoT platform. The ERP system generates a stream of messages in the social network format, and enterprise personnel reacts to these messages by launching the corresponding procedures in accordance with the business processes adopted by the enterprise.

Wherever you are, with Hubber you will not miss the information on the receipt of raw materials or the release of a batch of products.

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