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Qlik-Data analysis

Every year, the amount of data in the information systems of enterprises is growing exponentially. Ordinary linear reports do not always keep up with this growth and cannot adequately display data, find trends in development. This state of affairs cannot guarantee the business to make the right and timely decisions.

Business analysis, previously considered the prerogative of analysts and executives, is becoming increasingly popular at all levels of the company. To make decisions, all employees of the company, regardless of their level, need access to relevant and complete information in an intuitive way.

The development of the IT industry has accustomed ordinary users to the use of intuitive interfaces from Google, Apple, and other companies. This trend raises the expectation of the same intuitive work from corporate tools for business. Linear reports and queries are generally not sufficient to meet such expectations.

The mechanisms and capabilities of business research systems are designed to ensure transparency in the process of analyzing the maximum amount of enterprise data. The main users of business research systems, along with analysts, are ordinary business users. Decisions are made after analyzing the information presented in a visual form, in the process of communication and discussion with colleagues, including from neighboring functional groups.

The Qlik-Data Analysis module provides:

  • Visual presentation of data with the help of modern graphs, key indicators, calculation of trends.
  • Work in interactive mode with information panels and analytical tools. Not only data viewing is provided, but also interactive research, construction of new graphs and reports.
  • Consolidation of data on various directions of activity of the enterprise in the uniform module of the system.
  • Study of associative connections between data.
  • Extensive search capabilities for all data.
  • Data acquisition, analysis, and access to data anywhere in the world using any device.

The use of the module allows detecting trends in the dynamics of the situation, thanks to which timely decisions are made. Collective work with data allows you to comprehensively and, literally, "on the go" to make agreed conclusions, which are transformed into the right decisions. Comprehensive search mechanisms simultaneously for all data allow you to find associative relationships in the disparate data of the enterprise. Business users do not need to turn to IT specialists to create new queries or reports: business analysis can be performed independently, and the information will be provided in any form convenient for analysis.

The application of the module allows IT departments and analysts to provide comprehensive business support, confidently manage data, controlling their quality and security. Thanks to the mechanisms of the module, IT professionals can quickly create new analysis tools, responding to the needs of employees in business units. At the same time, making changes to existing data views is very simple. Therefore, the approach focused on the independent work of information consumers allows business users to find answers to their questions without asking IT professionals to create new forms of analysis.

Work with mobile devices

The IT-Enterprise module "Qlik-Data Analysis" allows you to embed functionally rich graphical analytical forms of displaying enterprise data in any system interface. Regardless of whether the document is embedded in the existing system interface or generated in the form of a new screen form, the user gets the full range of capabilities to control the display of information, data retrieval, and collaborative work with data.

When working remotely with company data via the Internet using a mobile device, it is possible to work with documents "Qlik-Data Analysis" without downloading the client of the IT-Enterprise system. In this case, an Internet browser that supports the HTML5 standard is enough to fully work with the document.

Group work with data

It is often necessary to be able to consult with colleagues to make a decision. As a rule, in order to argue one's point of view and understand the points of view of colleagues, it is necessary to have the same visual model of the situation. To solve such problems in the module "Qlik-Data Analysis" implemented a tool for collaboration with the document.

A link to connect users is generated to work with the document. According to the received link users get to the same document and see the same elements, as the initiator of joint work. All participants in the collaboration session can perform any actions with the document, and all these actions will be visible to others in real-time. In addition to the general display of information, session participants can exchange comments on specific objects and snapshots of object states.

This approach allows for joint conclusions and solutions that are based on agreed data, with a maximum understanding of the views of all parties.

Development of business analysis documents

Creating and adjusting document templates is performed using the "Data Analysis Document Designer" of the IT-Enterprise system. After saving the template in the system repository, the document is published on the QlikView/Qlik Sense server and is ready for analysis by business users.

QlikViewDesktop or Qlik Sense Desktop software must be installed to change the developer's workflow data analysis document.

Integration of analysis documents into IT-Enterprise

Data analysis documents are integrated into the IT-Enterprise system using a WEB data display element. To work with the analysis document, the IT-Enterprise client must connect to the QlikView server via HTTP in parallel with the main application north connection.

To connect an analysis document to the interface created in the IT-Enterprise Interface Designer, you must use a special type of Business Analysis Document tab. When selecting this type of bookmark, it is enough to specify the document code from the analysis document designer.

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