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Interface Designer

IT-Enterprise ERP system covers all key aspects of managing a modern company and includes components that allow you to connect to a unified IT infrastructure from anywhere in the world with the help of mobile devices. Despite the wide functionality, the system is open, which allows IT specialists to independently adjust its functionality and improve its capabilities.

For the convenience of developers on the basis of IT-Enterprise developed a set of designers responsible for separate functional areas.

Interface Designer is a versatile tool for creating interfaces for data analysis and correction. The IT-Enterprise Interface Designer is a platform for developing user-friendly interfaces with rich functionalities for building up-to-date business applications. The applications created in the Interface Designer are supported by all popular browsers and mobile devices, such as desktop systems, smartphones, and tablet PCs from different manufacturers.

The earlier graphical user interface in IT-Enterprise ERP was a significant advantage and gave desktop users of business applications a convenient way to navigate the data presented in the form of complex window structures. With the spreading of mobile devices, this interface has lost its advantages. The new interface created for IT-Enterprise meets up-to-date standards, supports a unified way of displaying information on all mobile platforms, and provides an excellent user interface to the system.

Interface Designer of the IT-Enterprise ERP allows developers to create expressive visual forms for the analysis of information. Due to the standardization of information displayed, the time spent on designing complex forms decreases due to the software core separation, which provides routines for table data selection, display, and update.

Using the Interface Designer, it is convenient to arrange different display options, including displaying data tables, putting in one form data from different database tables, and creating custom button panels.

The Interface Designer allows you to adjust the data from different sources in one form, view PDF files, and receive data on request, which reduces the load on the system and improves user interaction with the system due to speed increase.

The IT-Enterprise Interface Designer supports all existing system technologies: queries, types of mappings, sorting and searching, screen designing, logging adjustments, and more.

Dashboard system in IT-Enterprise ERP

Dashboard - a visual element of the interface, which displays information in the form of tables, graphs, dependencies, etc. The main purpose of the dashboard in IT-Enterprise is to enable interactive data analysis. This includes collapsing/deploying data, viewing them in different sections; flexible data filter system and the ability to set time periods for analysis; instant transition to more detailed data (drill-down); calling other interfaces with the parameters transfer to them (what exactly to fix, what periods, etc.).

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