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Form designer

Screen forms designer provides means for visual construction and modification of the dialogue forms. Any form can be changed with just a few clicks. The possible changes include:

  • modify the appearance, add or hide form elements;
  • add any additional checks or executable code;
  • replace the form with another form of input.

For designing forms used classes from ready-made kits, which ensure the execution of front-end business logic, ensure the correctness of the user input, the uniformity of data entry in all dialogs, assistance, and verification in entering data.
The system has a convenient visual editor for adjusting forms. All dialog forms are stored individually in the database of the IT-Enterprise. This approach allows you to abstract from the run-time environment and makes the dialogs cross-platform. Thus, the dialogs are independent of the system version and the run-time environment.

The dialogue appearance is determined by the version of the client software. Storing individual items allows you to organize the division of access rights not only to the entire screens but also to individual elements of the screen.

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