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Integration Designer

Many enterprises have implemented and operate in parallel several different automated systems, which together form a single control system. In order for information about the same objects in different systems to be kept up to date, it is necessary to develop rules by which information flows will be synchronized.

Integration Builder is designed to configure and use mechanisms for automatic data synchronization. Export/import of packages is configured in the following functions: export designer, import designer. The result of the export/import of packages is stored in the functions: export log, import log.

Export constructor

The export constructor is intended for setting up export from the IT-Enterprise system. The result of processing the logic, structure, and rules described in the package type is uploaded to the IT-Enterprise data export log.

You can organize the work of export in different ways: by performing a task in the task scheduler; through the RRT method; using staging (for example, when going to a certain stage, unload the package).

Import constructor

The import constructor is intended for customizing imports from a third-party system. Import packages are transferred in IT-Enterprise codes and formats. To store the correspondence of the codes, it is necessary to additionally transfer the reference code of the third-party system.

After importing into IT-Enterprise (adding an entry with the generation of a new reference code), an export package is automatically generated.

The import log contains a set of data received from an external system in header-row format. The "Import Log" function stores the results of the imports performed.

The header contains the basic data about the package: profile code, package ID, import execution time, import result, testing status, number of attempts to process the package, note. The lines contain a list of fields with values ​​received from the external system.

The logic of the import batch type is executed if the rules are met. The import result is the result of executing the package-type business logic. For example, inserting data into an IT-Enterprise system table or correcting an existing record.

For integration with external systems operating in the cloud, and export/import mechanism has been implemented via Web services. All Web services of the machines require authorization in the "IT-Enterprise" system, that is, calling them consists of 2 stages: authorization and the execution of the required service.

The authorization stage (obtaining a ticket-a) is the same for all services. The ticket received at the authorization stage is used when executing the corresponding service.

To import data from an external system into the "IT-Enterprise" system, the following Web services are implemented:

  • Check Dataset Import Execution (IMPORT.CHECKIMPORTRESULT)
  • Initiate the import process (IMPORT.STARTIMPORT)

    To export data from the "IT-Enterprise" system to external systems, the following Web services are implemented:
  • Get a list of prepared unprocessed datasets (EXPORT.GETPACKETS)
  • Checkmark on successful data import (EXPORT.SETIMPORTSUCCESSFULMARK)
  • Initiate the export process (EXPORT.STARTEXPORT)

    When exporting/importing data, the interaction between the IT-Enterprise system and the external system can be organized through an adjustable view (VIEW).

Controlling integration between systems

Work in enterprise management systems is dynamic. Therefore, the integration process must be prompt and controlled. In this regard, it is necessary to have a tool with which you can objectively assess the state of the integration (export/import) logs. Such a tool can be reported that signal problem situations that arise during the integration process.

It is advisable to display data on the number of attempts to process the package, the time of export/import, and the status of the package in the reports. To configure and automatically send the above reports, the system functionality of the report designer and corporate mailing is used.

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